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Beta Mom - Women's Shirts

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Beta Mom - Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Are you the mom who forgets the permission slip and the lunch sometimes? Not the president of the PTA and don't want to ever be? If the thought of joining a reading group on developmental literature such as the "What to expect" series makes you want to puke, if your kid's room looks like a hurricane just hit it and you're okay with that,  if you don't really care if your child is or isn't gifted, then this is the shirt for you. This shirt also makes a great gift for your cool sister or friend who is definitely not an alpha mom.

Shirt is fitted for a woman;  it is not a junior fit.  Sleeves are shorter and the neckline is more feminine than a traditional T.  100% cotton, 6.0 ounce.  Please see the measurement chart for exact measurements.

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 $10--Sizes M-2X




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